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Apply to the English Language Centre

Applications for programs at the English Language Centre (ELC) are processed by completing the online application.

  1. Submit your application online.
  2. Select your anticipated start date for the English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program.
  3. If you are also applying for conditional admission to an undergraduate program, select your program of choice.
  4. Copies of documents can be uploaded as part of the application for initial evaluation.
  5. Once your application is submitted, we will send you information about the next steps in the admission process.

Note: If you're a student with a disability and want to be considered for admission to the University of Ontario Institute of Technology on the basis of disability, please read the information on our Student Accessibility Services website.

Placement test

The Pearson Versant English Placement Test (PVT) is an online test that automatically evaluates your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. This test contains nine sections and takes 50 minutes to complete. It is used by the ELC to place you into an appropriate level of study. Students will take the test during the mandatory Academic Preparation Workshops.

To learn more about the test, visit the Pearson Versant website

Application and registration fees

The following are one-time fees associated with the application and registration process:



Application fee


Confirmation deposit*


 * Deposit will be applied to first-session tuition fee.