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At the airport

Entering the airport

  • What to expect

    When you arrive in Canada, you must go through Customs and Immigration. A Canadian Border Server Agency (CBSA) officer will greet you and ask you a few questions. If you do not understand the questions, you can ask for an interpreter.

  • Required documents

    To find out what documents you may need to enter Canada, please visit the Government of Canada's Prepare for arrival web page.

    Important: If any of your documents are missing or contain false information, you may not be allowed into Canada. Check all documents before you leave home.

Leaving the airport

  • Free airport pickup

    If you are registered with Homestay, you can register for pickup from the airport by visiting the homestay student portal site or contacting

    If you are not registered with homestay, you can register for airport pickup. You will receive a confirmation email with detailed information about airport pickup after you register. For more information on free airport pickup, please contact Matthew Devlin, Student Resource Coordinator.

    ImportantFree airport pickup is available only for new English Language Centre students. You are not eligible to register for airport pickup if you are a returning ELC student.

    If you are travelling with additional guests, you must pay the driver in person, get a receipt and submit your receipt to your Student Resource Co-ordinator for reimbursement. 

    Transportation costs

    Cost of van service


    Student only $87 See note below.*
    Student plus one guest $102 $87 will be reimbursed to student**
    Student plus two guests $117 $87 will be reimbursed to student**
    Student plus three guests $132 $87 will be reimbursed to student**

    * Student does not pay. ELC covers cost of transportation directly.

    ** Student pays driver directly and gets receipt. Student submits receipt to Student Resource Co-ordinator and is reimbursed the cost of single-student transportation. 

  • Shuttle service

    You can register with a shuttle service at the airport or in advance by visiting the Out-of-Town Shuttle and Bus Services web page on the Toronto Pearson Airport website.

    If you are traveling to Oshawa, this trip will cost you approximately CDN$82 plus $5 tip (the tip is optional, but customary).

    What to do at the airport

    1. Go to the Ground Transportation counter (also called Out-of-Town Shuttle and Bus Service).
      • Terminal 1: located on Level G
      • Terminal 3: located on Level 1 - Arrivals

      If you cannot find the Ground Transportation counter, you can use any telephone in the terminal to call 1.800.387.5450 for help. This call is free of charge.

    2. Tell them your name and destination address. If you have already made a reservation, you can tell them the name of the company you booked with.

    3. Wait inside the airport. Someone will come inside and take you outside to the van.

    Important: You may need Canadian money to pay the driver. If you do not have Canadian currency, you can visit the currency exchange counter in the airport. 

  • Driving

    If you rent a car or have someone to pick you up, you can get directions from the University of Ontario Institute of Technology website. Your starting point will be Toronto Pearson Airport. 

  • Public transportation

    There are several different bus companies to choose from. Below you will find instructions on how to travel with one of the companies, called GO Transit.

    Directions for taking GO Transit:

    1. Walk to Pearson Airport Terminal 1. 
    2. Look for Ground Transportation signs.
    3. In the Ground Transportation area you will see several different bus companies. Look for a green sign indicating GO Transit.
    4. Locate GO bus 40—Richmond Hill Pearson Express.
    5. Get on the bus and pay the driver. The bus driver will only accept cash and will not accept any bill larger than $20. Keep your ticket.
    6. This bus will take you to Richmond Hill Centre. From this location you will take another GO Transit bus. Look for GO bus 52—407 East. You do not need to pay again; just show your ticket. This bus will take you to the university campus.

    This trip will take about two hours in total, depending on the time of day you arrive.

    The cost will be approximately $13.30. The rates are subject to change; please visit GO Transit for current rates.

    Important: If you are arriving between 10 p.m. and 4 a.m., you will need to use a different bus company.