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Classroom basics

A student being assisted by an instructor in the classroom

Attendance in our program is mandatory.

Students are expected to attend all classes and be on time. Each hour a student is absent from class counts as 1 absence. Being late also counts as missing one (1) hour.

Disciplinary action will be taken if a student reaches 15 absences during the session.

The ELC reserves the right to refuse admission to applicants who do not adhere to the attendance policy.

As part of our hybrid model, it is mandatory that students have an internet-connected computer that has a webcam, a microphone, and headphones/speaker. During class, students must have their camera and microphone turned on. We need to hear and see you, and you need to hear and see us.

Students living in Canada must attend our two in-person days each week.

Do not be late to class. Being late counts as missing one hour of class time.

    Monday     Tuesday  Wednesday      Thursday       Friday

                                       Live Classes with Instructor

                                         (9:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M.)

           Applied Language Workshops (completed any time throughout week)


Class with Instructor (In real time) – always on Zoom, and 2 days per week on-campus (for students in Canada). 10 minute break every 50 minutes

20 hours

Online Applied Language Workshops (completed independently at any time during week)

5 hours


25 hours

 All class times are Eastern Time Zone

Students must have an Internet connected computer (desktop or laptop) with a working webcam, microphone and speakers or headphones. Attendance for all classes is required.

The English Language Centre will provide you will all the learning materials you need. You do not need to purchase any textbooks or other learning materials. Your responsibility is to be online ready to learn for each class with your camera and microphone on. 

Being prepared for class also means you are prepared to participate, listen actively and take notes, and always ask questions when you do not understand.

You are expected to speak only English in class (online and in-person), as well as everywhere inside the Centre and during Applied Language Workshops. 

Use Canvas to participate in discussion boards, group assignments, journals, blogs and wikis. Your instructor will use Canvas to communicate announcements about the course, and post assignments, presentations and grades.
Username: student number (100******)
Password: network password

Your instructor will provide you with a direct link to your course on Canvas.

Student Conduct Policy

Please behave in a way that is respectful to all members of the university community. As an ELC student, you are a member of the university community and are asked to uphold the institution’s commitment to a safe, encouraging and welcoming environment.

All university students must respect the Student Conduct Policy. To read the complete policy, visit the Student Conduct Policy web page.