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English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

Levels of study

The English Language Centre offers seven levels of English study. Below is a description of each level, and the possible outcomes for graduates. 

Level  Description Outcomes
EAP 6000

Post-English for Academic Purposes

Direct entry to select Ontario Tech and Durham College programs (including Education and Nursing programs).

EAP 5000

Higher Advanced English for Academic Purposes

Direct entry to most Ontario Tech undergraduate and graduate programs and Durham College graduate certificate programs.

EAP 4000

Advanced English for Academic Purposes

Direct entry to most of Durham College diploma programs.

EAP 3000 Intermediate English for Academic Purposes
EAP 2000 Developing English for Academic Purposes
EAP 1000 Introduction to English for Academic Purposes
Pre-EAP Pre-English for Academic Purposes

Level placement

The English Language Centre uses the Pearson Versant English Language Placement Test to place students. This level placement test is administered to students on the first day of the session. Students with a valid IELTS (Academic) or TOEFL score can use these tests to enter directly into our program. Below are the IELTS (academic) and TOEFL entrance requirements for each ELC level: 

ELC level

IELTS (academic) entry requirement

TOEFL entry requirement

EAP 6000



EAP 5000

6.0 (no band score less than 5.5)


EAP 4000

5.5 (no band score less than 5.0)


EAP 3000

5.0 (no band score less than 4.5)


EAP 2000

5.0 (band scores less than 4.5)


EAP 1000

4.5 (no band score less than 4.0)






Benefits of the program

High quality and convenience

  • Applied language workshops.
  • Cultural and social activities.
  • Eight weeks (200 hours total) for each level.
  • English-only environment.
  • Minimum 25 hours of instruction per week.
  • Optional field trips and activities.
  • Seven levels to develop the competencies needed for most programs as well as a beginner program.
  • Six start dates are offered every year.
  • Small class sizes averaging 12 students.
  • Weekly conversation groups and ELC Talks.

Direct entry

Upon successfully completing Level 5 of the EAP program, students will meet the English language requirements of most undergraduate and graduate programs at Ontario Tech University and will not need to take an English language proficiency test to qualify for admission.

Support team

Our dedicated support team will work with students to ensure they:

  • Are engaged and involved
  • Express their creativity
  • Have tools to develop their language skills
  • Learn more about themselves
  • Make meaningful friendships with fellow students and Canadians
  • Make the most of their time studying in Canada

Preparing students for success

Our integrated-skills approach offers students real-world teaching and learning environments. In the same way, learning tasks such as group work, presentations and research assignments will prepare students to enter a North American academic environment emphasizing critical-thinking skills and effective classroom interaction.

Our program is unique. It is designed in collaboration with our campus and faculties and it provides students with relevant language-learning contexts and real-life academic situations. EAP students develop the language skills and the academic readiness they will need to succeed in post-secondary education and in a multicultural world.

Ask a question

If you have a question about the ELC program, ask us a question online and we will respond to you within two busiess days.